VideoDuring the time we’ve lived in the Richmond / Clinton neighborhood, we’ve enjoyed it’s focus on children and cherished the spontaneous warmth of our neighbors.

We saw the old Waverly School site as an opportunity to enhance this character and nourish the community aspect of family living.  The Commons lets kids play in complete safety, while parents and neighbors garden, talk, and relax.  We look forward to seeing you there.

— Mark, Jess, and Baxter Desbrow



Waverly Commons gives families an “in-between” neighborhood gathering space that American single-family homes lack. Their front yards are very public and their back yards very private, so children’s play and neighborhood activities end up in the street. The Commons - a semi-public, community-oriented green space for residents and local neighbors - is an elegant solution to this problem. Essentially a park, it’s connected to several back yards, and contains a play structure, barbeque, and various gardens. Houses with back yards on the Commons have large sliding fence panels and individual “back porches” that allow them to adjust privacy levels between their yards and the Commons, from moment to moment.